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Oakland Criminal Justice Process

When you’re facing the most difficult situation of your life, you need the support of an aggressive, experienced, and dedicated Oakland criminal defense attorney like Elliot Silver. If you’re being investigated, charged with, or arrested for a crime, 你需要有人了解你的情况,可以帮助你反击那些指责你的人. Your predicament may seem dire, but we will help.

当你面对刑事司法系统时,你需要一个承诺 Silver Law Firm will give you. We will listen to your story, evaluate every piece of evidence, and develop a plan that protects your freedom. Elliot Silver gets results in court.

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I needed a lawyer to get my felony reduced to a misdemeanor. I hired Elliot because of his track record, plus he knew all the district attorneys and the judges, so that was a huge help! I recommend hiring him, the only advice I can give is to trust him. He saved me!!”

Silver Law Firm Client

Are You Facing Criminal Charges in California?

不管这是你第一次被起诉还是你已经是老手了, you still need an experienced attorney to protect you, advise you of your legal options, work to get you out of jail as quickly as possible, and fight for you in court. 有过成功的历史,也有过大力抨击检方案件的名声, attorney Elliot Silver gets results for his clients. 他会对导致你被捕的事件进行深入调查, how the police became aware of your alleged involvement, what evidence exists for and against you, and whether the evidence was lawfully gathered. Elliot will listen to, and answer, 所有你的问题,这样你就可以充分了解在你的案件期间你将不得不做出的所有决定.

At Silver Law Firm, we stand ready to help you:

  • Review whether your rights were violated during your arrest
  • Determine whether any searches and seizures were lawful
  • 确定与你的案件有关的任何搜查令是否有效
  • 利用保释和担保系统,这样你就可以尽快出狱
  • Seek alternative sentencing to avoid incarceration
  • Avoid asset forfeiture to prevent loss of property

Understanding the California Penal Code

If you have been charged with a crime in California, it is likely described in either the California Penal Code, Health and Safety Code, Vehicle Code, federal law, or local ordinances.


Misdemeanors can range in severity, but if convicted can result in no more than one year of incarceration. Some misdemeanors carry maximums of 180 days and some 90 days. These are typically served at half-time pursuant to Penal Code §4019. That is, you will be given credit for serving two days for every one days in jail, this is called day-for-day credit. This is a privilege, however, 如果你在拘留期间没有“充分遵守合理的规章制度”,半场的学分将被扣掉.

In California, 重罪是更严重的罪行,可以被处以一年以上的监禁, and up to life in prison. 重罪,除非被认定为“暴力重罪”,否则你将服刑半年.“你必须为暴力重罪服刑至少85%的时间.


Wobbler and Wiggler Offenses
在加州,一种不稳定的犯罪可以根据情况被指控并被判为轻罪或重罪. 如何起诉你的决定由公诉人自行决定. We will work to get your felonies reduced and your record cleared.

Three Strikes Law

Under California law, 如果你有暴力和危险的重罪定罪, your subsequent conviction can result in a much longer prison sentence. 第三次严重暴力重罪定罪将导致终身监禁. Three strikes, and you’re out.

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The California Criminal Court Process

When you hire a criminal defense attorney like Elliot Silver, you hire a champion with a thoroughbred pedigree of success. Elliot will be your champion as you battle the California criminal court process. 肯定会有过分热心的检察官,因为他们需要较高的定罪率,或者受到政治压力,以对犯罪表现出强硬态度, but your rights and your life shouldn’t be sacrificed for their careers. By partnering with attorney Silver, 可以肯定的是,熟悉这一过程的人正在争取让你的指控减轻或被撤销. 在银律所,美高美手机版官网不受政治压力的驱使也不受与你的案子无关的上级的驱使. We are employed by you, loyal to only you, 美高美手机版官网致力于让您了解情况并取得最好的结果.

Defending Against Criminal Charges

如果你被指控犯罪,关键是要提前一步. Without a strong defense strategy, 即使检察官提供的证据很薄弱,有时也会令人信服. 这就是为什么你应该和你的梅高美集团一起学习你所有的选择和可能的刑事指控的辩护. At Silver Law Firm, we will not only attack the evidence against you, 但会揭露任何检方不知道或披露的无罪证据或减刑.

Whether you are the victim of mistaken identity, 或者你的行为实际上并不支持你被指控的罪行, attorney Elliot Silver will expose the holes in the prosecution’s case. If the prosecution cannot meet their burden of proof, Silver Law Firm will obtain the results necessary to get your life back.

然而,也有证据确凿的时候,定罪是可能的. In these situations, you may have little chance of winning an acquittal, but that does not mean that all is lost, or there is nothing to fight for. 通过积极的谈判,以最好的方式展示你和你的案例, 你的梅高美集团可以通过一份双方都能接受的认罪协议来最小化和减轻定罪的后果. Our job is to protect you, and if a plea agreement is your best option, 西尔弗梅高美集团会坚持不懈地工作,直到达成有利的协议.

To learn more about your options, review our Criminal Defense FAQs and contact us today.

Options After a Conviction

The criminal justice process does not necessarily end upon a conviction. If you don’t agree with the outcome of your trial, you still have options. You have the right to file an appeal to a higher court, which can reverse or amend the previous ruling. 你的上诉通知必须在宣判后60天内提交,所以你必须 contact us immediately at to protect your right to appeal.

一位专职梅高美集团可以帮助你确定上诉的最佳理由,并有望推翻对你的定罪. Some of the most common issues raised on appeal are:

  • Erroneous rulings on pretrial motions
  • Improper admission or exclussion of evidence presented at trial
  • Improper exclusion of evidence presented at trial
  • Improper statements by the prosecutor
  • Mistakes in the jury instructions.
  • Jury misconduct

Contact an experienced criminal justice process attorney today to learn about criminal appeals and writs. You may have the option to have a higher court review your case for error, which could lead to a very different outcome.

If you are not going to appeal or you filed an appeal and lost, then it is time to look at other options that will clear your name. 在银梅高美集团事务所,美高美手机版官网坚信一个错误不应该决定你的余生. 一旦你成功地完成你的句子或证明你的服从, 你可能会清理你的记录,甚至提前终止你的试用期. Either will help with school, work, immigration issues, and child custody matters.

Contact an Oakland Criminal Justice Lawyer

Attorney Elliot Silver understands your situation and will help. 他会评估每一个不利于你的证据,并努力获得最好的结果. 西尔弗梅高美集团会和检察官谈判争取达成一份好的认罪协议. If the offer is too much, Elliot will take your case all the way to trial. Elliot does not like to lose. He is not afraid of the criminal justice system. He will fight back for you and help you avoid the harshest punishments.

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