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Truck Accidents

Let Us Recover Money for Your Truck Accident Injury

An accident involving an 18-wheeler is serious by its very nature. A semi-truck can wreak havoc in a Bay Area truck accident. The truck is huge, its cargo is heavy, traffic is congested, and other vehicles are tiny in comparison. In a matchup between a forty-ton semi-truck barreling down the highway and a two ton sedan, the truck always comes out on top. Unfortunately, the same is true even when the truck is moving at a snail’s pace.

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, you need the help of an experienced Bay Area truck accident attorney. You’re likely consumed with working to recover from your injuries and worrying about your financial well-being. The last thing you need is an ongoing battle with one or more insurance companies.

Your Bay Area truck accident attorney will go to battle on your behalf. They will conduct a thorough investigation using the accident report and their own reconstruction of the incident. They’ll determine the likely cause of the accident and who may have legal liability for your injuries. They’ll consult your physicians, examine your medical records, and determine your short- and long-term medical expenses. They’ll calculate the other expenses you’ve incurred and will likely incur, ranging from lost income, to vehicle damage, to your physical and psychological pain.

Being in a truck accident is terrifying. The road to recovering from truck accident injuries is stressful and challenging. You don’t need the added pressure of worrying about financial repercussions. That’s where Silver Law Firm can lift your burden. Our seasoned Bay Area truck accident attorneys understand that litigating a semi-truck accident case is as complicated as the accident itself. They are determined to hold those who are responsible accountable for your injuries. The responsible parties can include:

Truck Driver: Perhaps the truck driver was impaired or fatigued, or engaged in negligent behavior while behind the wheel. Maybe they were texting or driving, or perhaps they weren’t operating the truck properly or adhering to regulations. If so, they could be liable.

Trucking Company: It could be that the trucking company was negligent in properly training or supervising their driver. Maybe the company’s safety standards weren’t up to snuff. Even if the driver was properly trained, the trucking company could be held liable if the employee was negligent.

Maintenance Company: Trucking companies often contract with maintenance companies to keep their fleets on the road. If the truck accident was caused by, for example, the truck’s faulty braking system, the maintenance company may be at least partially liable for the accident. Semi-trucks are constantly in use and are routinely subject to maintenance reviews and repairs. If the maintenance review or repair wasn’t performed correctly, the contracted company could be party to a lawsuit.

State or Local Government: If, for example, the truck accident occurred on Interstate 80 because the freeway was in disrepair, the State of California could be liable for the accident. If the crash was on an Oakland surface street, the city or county could be partially to blame. 

The bottom line? If you’ve been injured, you need a seasoned Bay Area truck accident attorney to advocate on your behalf. The attorneys at Silver Law Firm are determined to get the MAXIMUM compensation that’s available to you. We don’t give up until we’re satisfied that you will receive every last penny to which you’re entitled.

Time is of the essence, so don’t wait. You only have two years from the date of your injury to file suit. Call Silver Law Firm today. We’ll give you our unbiased assessment about the compensation you might receive. Plus, we won’t charge you a dime unless you win.

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