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If your professional license is under threat of revocation, 悬架, 或缓刑, then you need a professional license lawyer to advocate on your behalf. 毕竟, you have dedicated your education and your hard work to your profession. The risk of professional license 悬架 and having your career ripped away is too great to leave your fate to chance. You deserve to be represented by the professional license attorneys at 银梅高美集团事务所. We will work tirelessly to protect your professional reputation and your livelihood.


如果你是M.D., your license is critical to your career. The Medical Board of California takes patient allegations, 刑事定罪, and accusations of professional misconduct seriously. You need skillful legal help to navigate the investigation process and retain your license. Learn more about how a professional license lawyer can defend you against disciplinary action.


如果您的RN, NP, CRNA, or CNM license is on the line because the California Board of Registered Nursing is investigating you, then you need the help of a professional license attorney. Your professional license is critical to your livelihood, and you can and should defend yourself. But there’s too much at stake to risk going it alone. Learn more about how 银梅高美集团事务所’s professional license attorneys can help.


The California State Board of Pharmacy keeps close tabs on pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. If you have a criminal conviction or a 药物滥用 issue, then your livelihood is on the line. The same holds true if you’ve engaged in professional negligence or are accused of insurance fraud. Don’t risk professional license 悬架. Learn more about getting the defense you deserve.


Maybe you’ve worked hard and passed your Real Estate exams, only to be denied a license for a past criminal conviction. 也可能是你被吊销了驾照, 等待所需的时间, and want to petition to have your license reinstated. 你可能有一个有效的许可证, but are being accused of an ethics violation or unsavory business practices. Whatever your circumstances, your reputation and your future are on the line. The California Department of Real Estate (also known as the BRE) has your future in its hands. You need the experienced professional license lawyers at 银梅高美集团事务所 to act on your behalf and protect your future.


The California Department of Insurance holds insurance agents’ and brokers’ feet to the fire when it comes to 刑事定罪, 药物滥用, 违反监管, 和欺诈. If you’ve been accused of wrongdoing and your license is at risk of being suspended or revoked, 没有时间可以浪费了. 银梅高美集团事务所 has the knowledge and skill to represent you throughout the investigation, 听力, 如果有必要,还有上诉程序. Our professional license attorneys will do everything in our power to ensure that your livelihood and reputation remain intact.


If you or your firm are under the microscope of the California Board of Accountancy, then you need the help of the professional license lawyers at 银梅高美集团事务所. Professional license 悬架 can be unthinkable. 毕竟, you have dedicated yourself to your career and can’t risk losing your reputation or your means of support. If you’re facing allegations of embezzlement, 建议税务欺诈, 管理不善, 或者来自监管机构的纪律, 美高美手机版官网可以帮助. Our attorneys can represent you in administrative 听力s, 对书面询问作出答复, and even intervene in the penalty phase of a licensing action.

If you’re facing the prospect of professional license 悬架, time is of the essence. 联系Silver梅高美集团事务所  免费,无义务咨询.