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If you’re under investigation or have been charged with a criminal offense in San Francisco, 加州, 那么来自旧金山银律所的刑事辩护梅高美集团可以帮上忙. 艾略特银他在刑事辩护方面的经验长达20多年, and he is ready and able to help you navigate the San Francisco County criminal justice system. 银梅高美集团事务所’s commitment to its clients is to work diligently to have criminal charges reduced or dismissed, 艾略特·西尔弗会为你不懈努力.

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性犯罪的定罪将会给你的余生留下印记. 如果你被要求登记为性犯罪者, 你会觉得自己一直被监视着. You may face limits on where you can live, where you can work, and where you spend your free time. San Francisco criminal defense attorney 艾略特银 understands that the stakes are high will leverage his knowledge of the law and the criminal justice system to fight on your behalf. 不管你是否被指控有不雅暴露, 猥亵儿童, 儿童色情作品, 或者另一起性犯罪, 您可以放心,银发梅高美集团事务所一定会取得最好的结果.


持有管制药物是一项严重的指控, 但银华梅高美集团事务所将竭尽全力争取指控的撤销或减少. 旧金山毒品犯罪梅高美集团埃利奥特·西尔弗(艾略特银)明白该法律的细微差别, 并且可以证明你遭到了非法搜查和扣押, 那个警察使用非法诱捕法, 或者药物是一种医疗必需品. 类似的, 如果你负责销售, 运输, 或在加州制造受管制物质, 艾略特·西尔弗会站在你这边一路为你奋斗.


加州的武器犯罪有很多微妙之处, which is why – if you are arrested on weapons charges – you need stellar legal representation from 银梅高美集团事务所. 一些武器犯罪可能是“摇摆不定”的,这意味着他们可能会被指控为轻罪或重罪. If convicted, it can mean the difference between a few weeks in county jail or a three-year sentence. 它可能意味着1000美元罚款和10000美元罚款的区别. San Francisco weapons crimes lawyer 艾略特银 will fight to have your charges dismissed or reduced so that you face as few penalties as possible.


加州 Governor Gavin Newsom may have ordered a moratorium on the carrying out the death penalty, 但就目前而言, 那些被判一级谋杀罪的人仍然可以被判处死刑. If you are facing first-degree murder charges, you need an experienced, able advocate at your side. 艾略特银 is the San Francisco criminal defense attorney who can achieve the best possible outcome in your case. He will use his knowledge of the law and the 加州 criminal justice system to have the charges reduced or to win an acquittal at trial.


在加利福尼亚,盗窃犯罪是许多类型犯罪的总称. Those include everything from shoplifting to robbery, and from 伪造 to money laundering. 而偷窃价值低于950美元的物品则是轻罪, 如果被偷的物品价值950美元或更多,就会被处以重窃罪. A theft conviction can prevent you from holding certain types of jobs – such as those involving handling money – and can land you in jail. San Francisco theft crimes attorney 艾略特银 has a keen understanding of the distinctions between theft crimes, and will work diligently to have your charges dismissed or reduced – and to keep your record as clean as possible.


避免酒后驾车指控的关键是合理的辩护. San Francisco 酒后驾车 lawyer 艾略特银 has been successful in challenging the reliability of chemical testing and field sobriety testing and having charges reduced or dismissed. 酒后驾车定罪的后果可能是毁灭性的. 一旦定罪,你将面临数千美元的罚款和更高的保险费, 你上下班的能力, 你的自由. 银梅高美集团事务所 will mount the defense you deserve and fight for your freedom every step of the way.


人们经常交替使用“攻击”和“殴打”这两个词, 但这是两种不同的罪行. 区别在于攻击是试图伤害某人, 而殴打实际上是造成伤害. 如果你因袭击或殴打而被捕, 你的第一个电话应该打给旧金山的刑事辩护梅高美集团埃利奥特·西尔弗. Silver Law firm has extensive experience representing those who have been accused of assault and battery, 并将不知疲倦地努力使对你的指控减少或全部撤销. Getting the legal help you need in a timely fashion is key to obtaining a positive outcome.


抗议活动构成集会自由,受到美国政府的保护.S. 宪法. 但一个人的合法抗议可能会被执法部门解读为煽动暴乱. 如果你被控妨害公共治安, 你需要一个可靠的旧金山刑事辩护梅高美集团的代理. 艾略特银 will look out for your best interests and work diligently to ensure that the charges are dismissed or reduced. 马上联系Silver梅高美集团事务所.


如你所知,绑架罪意味着你生命的终结. The minimum prison sentence is three years and the maximum is life without the possibility of parole. 利害关系太大了我不能不打电话给旧金山的刑事辩护梅高美集团埃利奥特·西尔弗. He and the attorneys at 银梅高美集团事务所 will mount a rigorous defense designed to keep you out of prison and enable you to continue to live your life.


加州的财产犯罪范围很广,从入店行窃到入室盗窃再到纵火. 而一些财产犯罪被指控为轻罪, 其他人会被控重罪,可能会被判六年监禁, 高昂的罚款, 还有永远不会消失的犯罪记录. 这就是为什么, 如果你因财产犯罪而被捕, 你的第一个电话应该打给银发梅高美集团事务所. 艾略特银, 一位经验丰富的旧金山财产犯罪梅高美集团, will work tirelessly to ensure that you are treated fairly and that you receive a favorable outcome in your case.


交通违章很容易处理, 但与交通有关的轻罪或重罪则是另一回事. 一旦被定罪,你就会被判入狱、罚款和吊销驾驶特权. 如果你因违反交通法规而被捕,那就没有时间再耽搁了. 你需要马上联系旧金山交通犯罪梅高美集团埃利奥特·西尔弗. His knowledge of the law and experience representing people like you ensure that he will obtain the best possible outcome for your case.


保护你的权利对艾略特·西尔弗来说至关重要, 旧金山家庭暴力梅高美集团. You have so much to lose when you’re accused of domestic violence that it’s imperative you have the best possible legal defense. 你是否被电池充电了, 身体伤害, 跟踪, 威胁, 或强奸, 银发梅高美集团事务所将与您并肩前行, 与检察官面对面,争取最好的结果.


当青少年发色情短信时,这似乎只是一个简单的判断力差的例子. 事实是,就像入店行窃一样, 喝, 而故意发送色情短信会导致刑事指控. This could set your child up for having to register as a sex offender for the rest of their lives. 这不是你为孩子设想的未来, which is why you need to contact San Francisco juvenile crimes lawyer 艾略特银 if your child has been charged with a crime. 银发梅高美集团事务所把你孩子的最大利益放在心上, 并且会进行严格的辩护以减轻或撤销指控.


联邦犯罪指控可不是闹着玩的. If you’re facing federal charges, a grand jury believes there is probable cause and has indicted you. 对你不利的案子已经建立起来了——通常在你还不知道之前. 你的自由和经济都岌岌可危. 这就是为什么, 如果你被指控犯有联邦罪行, 你的第一个电话应该打给银发梅高美集团事务所. 艾略特银 is an experienced San Francisco federal crimes attorney who will do everything in his power to prevent the federal government from taking away your freedom and your money.


白领犯罪的定罪会永远改变你的生活. White collar crime convictions can result in significant prison sentences and 高昂的罚款 and financial restitution. 如果你被控盗用身份, 敲诈勒索, 伪造, 或欺诈, 你应该先打给艾略特·西尔弗, 一位经验丰富的旧金山白领犯罪梅高美集团. 他的早期干预可能导致减少指控或解雇, 也可以为庭审时坚实的辩护打下基础.


如果一项刑事指控或逮捕对你或你所爱的人造成了伤害, 你需要联系旧金山刑事辩护梅高美集团埃利奥特·西尔弗. He has more than 24 years of experience in and can provide the aggressive legal representation needed to defend you or your loved one against these accusations. 调用 (510) 995-0000 今天免费,无义务的咨询.