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很少有问题能像持枪权这样被激烈辩论. 而你.S. Constitution grants you the right to own a firearm, this right is not absolute. There are numerous lawful limitations on the types of firearms you can own, 当你可以拥有它们的时候, 何时以及如何携带它们. 不幸的是, these restrictions mean that a single mistake can result in law-abiding citizens being charged with very serious crimes.

在Silver梅高美集团事务所, we understand the significance of protecting your life, liberty, and freedom. As an 奥克兰 criminal defense lawyer, 艾略特银 is a staunch proponent of individual rights. 如果你面临着与携带枪支有关的犯罪, 显示, 或者拥有枪支, he can analyze your situation and will find a way to avoid the grim consequences of a conviction.

无论你的枪壳大小, 西尔弗梅高美集团会为你辩护,以及对你来说重要的事. 请致电Silver梅高美集团事务所 (510) 995-0000 在免费和保密的咨询中讨论您的问题.

艾略特在最近一起与枪支有关的案件中为我辩护, 美高美手机版官网再也找不到更好的结果了. 他的专业精神和幕后工作确实是无人能及的!”



根据加州法律,在限制条件下,持有枪支是合法的. Anyone 18 years or older who is not prohibited from owning a firearm can have a loaded or unloaded gun in their home, 临时住宿, 营地, 或者在他们的合法营业场所. 然而, 对于枪支的持有和隐蔽携带有许多限制, 哪些会导致轻罪或重罪. 具体地说, you may be prohibited from carrying a gun for life if convicted of a felony or banned from gun ownership for 10 years for certain misdemeanor convictions. You can also be prohibited from carrying a gun into other lawful places if another relevant law applies, 比如《学校无枪区法案. Under this law, your gun is not allowed on school premises or within 1,000 feet of a school.

在Silver梅高美集团事务所, 美高美手机版官网是来代表你反对所有与武器有关的指控的, 包括:

  • 管有枪械的重犯(pc29800)
    California law prohibits any person previously convicted of a felony from owning any type of firearm for the rest of their life. 如果你被发现持有枪支, 你是否买了, 有人给你的, 或者是你家某个人拥有它, 那你可能会被控另一项罪名.
  • 非法开枪(pc246).3)
    If there is evidence you willfully discharged a firearm or BB device in a way that could result in injury or death to someone, 然后你会被指控重罪或轻罪, 取决于武器.

此外,美国有关枪支所有权的法律.S. 可能比较麻烦. You might lawfully own a pistol, yet get into trouble for transporting it your vehicle. You may have simply forgotten it was in your glove box after taking it to the shooting range, 但是因为这个疏忽, 你现在可能会被逮捕, 订了进监狱, 面临着破坏性的指控. 这可能感觉很不公平. 在Silver梅高美集团事务所, 美高美手机版官网知道这种事有多令人沮丧, 美高美手机版官网认为你的权利不应该受到损害. 美高美手机版官网是来保护你的.


这取决于你被指控的武器罪行, 你可能面临轻罪或重罪指控. For many misdemeanor charges, you can be punished by up to one year in jail and a fine up to $1,000. 然而, felony convictions for a gun crime can lead to three years in prison and fines reaching $10,000.

请记住, 一些武器指控是不可靠的, meaning they can be charged or sentenced as either a misdemeanor or felony. 当面对摇摇晃晃的时候, you will want an attorney who will go to bat for you and seek the lowest possible charge and punishment.


而你可能会被指控与枪支有关的罪行, you can also be charged with a more serious offense if the police believe you possessed a weapon during a criminal act or used a weapon in the commission of a crime. A clear example is the difference between assault and assault with a deadly weapon. Weapons like guns are always an aggravating factor that raise the level of the charge for a crime.

你被指控犯罪了吗? 今天联系Silver梅高美集团事务所.

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If you have been charged with a gun-related offense or are facing an enhanced charge because a weapon was present during the commission of another crime, 现在就联系Silver梅高美集团事务所. Our first step will be to carefully review the evidence in your situation. 等美高美手机版官网知道你要对付的是什么, we will start working to negotiate with the prosecutor to have the charges dropped or reduced.

Some of the things we will discuss as part of your defense strategy will include:

  • 缺乏必要的犯罪意图
  • 用武器自卫
  • 枪走火了
  • 枪没子弹了,或者你以为没子弹了
  • 违反宪法的停止或逮捕
  • 违反宪法的搜查或扣押

If law enforcement discovers an illegal weapon in your possession, things may seem bleak. 但通过和一个懂行的枪支犯罪梅高美集团合作, you may be able to challenge the search and eventual discovery of the weapon. If your rights were violated by an officer who did not have a warrant to search your property, the evidence should be excluded and the charges lessened or outright dismissed. Your lawyer may even be able to show that your possession was, in fact, lawful.


From attorney Silver’s first day as an intern in the public defender’s office in 1993, 他知道他属于刑法. 艾略特银 has dedicated his life to helping people accused of running afoul of the criminal law.

如果你不能快速有效地解决这些问题, you could have a difficult time avoiding conviction or the maximum possible punishment upon conviction. If you have been charged with a crime involving the possession or use of a firearm, 找到有效的代表是非常重要的, but it is equally important to find an attorney who believes in you and knows what it really takes to win. 毕竟, 你可能会面临牢狱之苦, 你的记录上有个标记, 以及你的一项权利的永久丧失. With a proven track record of success and a dedication to give every client his all, 马上联系枪械梅高美集团埃利奥特·西尔弗.

在线联系Silver梅高美集团事务所,或致电 (510) 995-0000 安排一次免费且保密的咨询. Attorney Silver’s promise is to remain accessible to each client he represents. 如果你打电话、发短信或发邮件,你可以期待马上得到回复.